As a consultant to pediatricians, schools, child-serving agencies, mental health non-profit organizations, and consumer advocacy groups, Dr. Koss shares her expertise in child and adolescent development, child and adolescent mental health, and evidence-based treatments for mental illness. She utilizes her communication and leadership skills to organize groups of individuals, help them to define specific and attainable goals, and develop and implement relevant action plans.

In her role as consultant, Dr. Koss has:

  • Advised pediatricians and primary care providers about methods to incorporate mental health screening and early intervention/ prevention strategies into well-visits
  • Assisted school adminsitrators to develop and implement plans for continuing education for faculty to better understand the impact of emotional and behavioral health on learning
  • Collaborated with school guidance counselors and child study team members to develop an intervention plan for students with school refusal
  • Consulted at schools at times of disaster or critical incidents to promote the behavioral health of children, teens and families in response to traumatic events.
  • Contributed to the development of a medication algorithm for safe and effective use of psychiatric medication for children and youth in foster care
  • Provided direction to professional medical organizations and consumer advocacy groups for the development of legislative advocacy strategies

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